They want to fuck my car

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Now bitches stare a nigga down when he step to the bar They ain't trippin, on me, they wanna fuck my car But bitch who the fuck you think you are, by far They ain't trippin, on me, they wanna fuck my car. Oh yeah, these hoes think they cute in skin-tight catsuits Assumin' that they body's too boomin to dispute But pussy is the root of all drama An attribute put up in they head by they momma. Fifty dollars there, a hundred dollars here You brought the bitch a drink and all her homegirls a beer Your homeboys lookin for ya, but yo' ass gone You left your niggaz at the club and took all them hoes home. I ain't showin out Vogues Just so these hoes can be seen, c'mon you wanna fuck or cut? If you didn't want to fuck then get the fuck up out the truck! Ay C keep yo' eyes open for the boppers, car hoppers Daisy Dukes out on the block, showin cock, traffic stoppers Lookin good spendin some nigga G's Nails by Vietnamese, [unverified], lookin' like they worth G's.


what is the name of the pornstar??


shes got some perfect tits


What name of milf,

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